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Redox Modulators

Changing oxidant levels associated with stress and cell signaling result in specific cellular responses.

As regulatory systems are remodeled, this creates specific and nonspecific oxidative stress biomarkers that our products can help you measure.

General Antioxidant Status
Specific Antioxidant Status
Repair Mechanisms


Oxidative Modifications

Elevated levels of free radical exposure can cause modifications in biological substrates.

We offer a range of products to measure these oxidative stress biomarkers in lipid, protein, and DNA.

Lipid Biomarkers
Protein Biomarkers
DNA/RNA Biomarkers


Inflammatory Biomarkers

Inflammatory immune response results in elevated levels of oxidants.

Anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory agents can be important considerations when investigating the effects of oxidative stress.

Oxidant Status

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Increased levels of Oxidative Stress often results in damage to cellular components which can also be a precursor to tissue specific or systemic disease states. Our products support laboratories studying these medical conditions.

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NWLSS™ products are used by investigators studying the effects of hazardous chemicals, trace metals and radiation on the environment.

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Researchers are finding oxidative stress biomarkers a convenient way to assess crop and herd health. Find out how NWLSS™ products are serving today's agricultural research & industry.

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What happens when environmental stress or increased metabolic activity act to create elevated conditions of oxidative stress in our cells? Researchers around the world are using NWLSS™ products to find out.

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Anesthesia & Analgesia July 2015; Vol. 121 - Issue 1: p 81–89

Effect of Zinc nanoparticles on oxidative stress-related genes and antioxidant enzymes activity in the brain of Oreochromis niloticus and Tilapia zillii
Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences Available online 18 November 2015(PDF)

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