Acrolein Monoclonal Antibody: Clone F56 (20 µg)

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>Acrolein(CH2=CHCHO; acrolein, ACR) is a chemical substance formed not only by combustion of petroleum, charcoal, lumber and plastic but also by cigarette smoke, exhaust gas, heating of oils and fats and is known as a strong cytotoxic substance. In recent years it was revealed by Uchida et al., of Nagoya University that ACR can also be produced by hyperoxidation of lipids and its presence as a secondary product resulting from lipid peroxidation in-vivo was identified. ACR's effect on biological systems has now become a focus of attention. The addition of Acrolein to protein lysine residues results in the formation of formyl-dehydro-piperidino-lysine (FDPLys) adducts.
Antibody20 µg (lyophilized)

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